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               A very big Welcome to Different Strokes (Portsmouth)  



We are a group of 'younger' Stroke survivors and carers. We live locally in Portsmouth and in adjacent Boroughs such as Gosport, Fareham and Havant (However, our borders are not 'set in stone'). We are very happy to offer support to others who have experienced a stroke (including their families/carers). Those who do 'surf in'; are asked to pass on news of our activities to stroke survivors who do not have access to the internet!

We hope you can gain something from our own experiences and we love to meet new people and offer practical and emotional help wherever we can.
Our aim is for you to feel at home and among friends.

To discuss our activities, or even just for a chat, please phone:

or simply go to our 'Contact Us' page where you will find the appropriate codified e-mail address.

Di Summers

Members: See the 'Breaking News' near the bottom of this page...




In the meantime...

ARE YOU A STROKE SURVIVOR with a seemingly paralysed limb (hemiparesis); or a person suffering from a phantom limb which gives you pain?

If the answer to either is, YES Then go straight to our 'Links' section and scroll to the bottom where you will find, "Phantoms in the Brain".

Click on the word 'video'.



                                         COMING SOON




In response to popular, demand; the protocol of holding the Social Evening on the Monday, following a Bank Holiday; is reinstated:





The Mountbatten Centre fees have been increased for this new year 2013, by 5%; from £3.00 to £3.15.




Gordon Ogilvie is featured in a YouTube video created and published by his grandson, Dan Styler. It is very sensitively done. I know that both Gordon and his wife/carer Frances, are very proud of Dan's valiant efforts to highlight his grandfather's struggle to recover from his devastating Stroke.

Click on the YouTube URL:



                        BREAKING NEWS

Not yet!




                                FUND RAISING IN 2013           

Friday 6th September 2013: HORSE RACE NIGHT 7.30pm to 11pm

at the Duke of Connaught Club 74 Western Road, Fareham PO16 0NS.

£218 was raised on the evening, the organisation, food and bar services were excellent too. Thank you enormously Duke of Connaught Club and members and thank you for the very good turnout from our own membership. Thank you John and Cherry Cheetham for your part in promoting our association with the D of C Club.


Saturday 7th September 2013: SOLENT MOTORCYCLE CLUB again raised funds for our group, as they very kindly did last year at this time. The sudden break in the weather did not dampen down their All-Day-Rally at Fort Purbrook.

We gave our support, in person, on the day.

Over £400 had been raised by SMCC during there Winter Rally last January and on the 7th September, this was raised to a magnificent £1,013. This is due to the astonishing generosity of the bikers. On this night we humbly gave them a small trophy The Different Strokes Portsmouth Challenge Trophy that we hope, for which, they will invent a competition between themselves. Perhaps they might even consider awarding it for the Best Bike; a competition that has been judged on two occasions by members of DSP. In 2012, Andy Long, and Chris Hoy, then in 2013, Maurice Cooper, the late Dorothy Mew's son-in-law. Thank you enormously Solent Motorcycle Club, for your astonishing achievement, and to our own secretary Di Summers for an excellent trophy-presentation speech.


Friday 23rd August 2013: Southwick Park Ladies Golf Club had very kindly chosen Different Strokes Portsmouth, as the charity to support this year 2013, and on this occasion, held a General Knowledge Quiz & Barbecue. The Quiz commenced around 7pm and the packed evening's programme carried on to about 11.30pm.

This event was a mighty success and the funds raised [around £800] will be added-to over the full period of the current ladies' captain's tenure. We will know the final total raised, early in the New Year of 2014. Our thanks go to everyone of the members of Southwick Park Golf Club who assisted the Ladies on the night. Well done, all of you.                               




Portsmouth and Southampton Different Strokes

We in Portsmouth, combined with our friends at DS Southampton, to raise money for both of our groups. Their organiser, Ranj Parmar had very kindly set up a Link at:

Donating through this page was simple, quick and secure. It is the most efficient way to give – so every donation goes further – and if you are a UK taxpayer and give Gift Aid consent you will have boosted your donation.

Thank you for your support.

The events took place on Saturday 18th May 2013 (Portsmouth) and Saturday 25th May 2013 (Southampton [Eastleigh]).

Your support, in person, at the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth and at Therepeutics, Eastleigh; was very much appreciated. It encouraged and supported our plucky 'climbers'.

You turned them into Fun Days for all!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED [That is, both climbers and fund donators, alike].

                      “Stepping Up to Help Stroke Survivors”

Mobility is one of the biggest issues for stroke survivors. We [Survivors and fantastic, volunteers of Portsmouth and Southampton combined, to 'climb' the equivalent heights of both Ben Nevis, 4400 ft. [and Mt. Snowden].The purpose being to raise funds for:


We had great success at both of our fund-raising events. A Full report is forthcoming. We are currently, collecting the monies pledged, in addition to, the funds raised online. To date 22.8.13 we have raised locally, over £1,400.00 and the online amount stands at, at least, that figure too. Once the final sums raised have been confirmed and banked, we will share the gross amount raised, 50/50.




                               FUND RAISING IN 2012


Terri Mayes (Neighbour of John and Cherry Cheetham) generously ran in this years BUPA Great South Run on Sunday 28th October 2012 . This was the second year running that she has done this to raise Funds on our behalf. Please reward her efforts by either donating on Cherry's sponsor form; or by asking us for your own copy? Amount raised, in conjunction with John Cheetham's golfing friends, was £275.00, Well done everyone concerned!

Duke of Connaught Club, Fareham on Saturday 13th October 2012:

We attended this special Fund raising event and were very fortunate to have their wonderful Management and Members raise, £246.40 for our Group; this amount included monies that their club members had won earlier in the evening! How about that for human kindness? Well Done!

Charlotte Land an Occupational Therapist (Daughter of, the late John Land), and her work colleagues held a fund-raising event recently, in which they raised funds for our group. We Thank You all, most sincerely. We received a cheque for an amazing, £380.00 on the 1st October from her very lovely mum, Gill Land.

Fort Purbrook: Saturday 8th September 2012: SOLENT MOTORCYCLE CLUB held a charity fund-raising event during their All-Day-Rally in Fort Purbrook. From a combination of initiatives such as cake stall, m/cycle equipment and memorabilia, and a Raffle for various prizes; they raised for our Stroke group, the princely and handsome sum of, £727.00

                                       Absolutely Fantastic!

Muz and Penny and Kevin: Please thank everyone for taking part and for being so very generous on our behalf? And for entertaining guests: Chris&Lin, Andy&Di, and Doug&Lorraine.


VIRGIN LONDON MARATHON: Sunday 22nd April 2012: Claire Warburton completed the London Marathon in a time of: 4hours and 30 minutes, despite both a leg and a hip giving her great, discomfort !

VERY WELL DONE - WE ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU - HAVE A GOOD REST & SLEEP WELL - YOU DESERVE IT. The current total raised is, £1,009.90 at 30.10.12. We've bust the thousand mark!



We are eternally grateful for the excellent support of all these generous-spirited people. THANK YOU






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