Tuesday 10: 20 am.


Interviewed in Portsmouth, May 2008:                                  

Different Strokes: How old are you, where were you born and how long, have you been a stroke survivor?


Diana:I’m 67 years of age and born in Portsmouth; a stroke survivor of 18 months.”


Different Strokes: What was your occupation(s) and when? Click on picture

Diana: “I was a School Cook from 1966 to 1990.”

Different Strokes: Of all your experiences, which occasion or event sticks in your mind most?

Diana: “Learning to drive”

Different Strokes: What has been your proudest moment and what was the happiest occasion in your life?

Diana: “Proudest moment; passing my driving test – happiest occasion; was giving birth to my first child.”

Different Strokes: Since being disabled by your stroke, what do you hope the future will bring?

Diana: “Full recovery.”

Different Strokes: What is your favourite tipple when available and what do you usually prefer when out with friends?

Diana: “Wine.”

Different Strokes: When you were active in the past, what activities did you enjoy most?

Diana: “Needlework.”

Different Strokes: Do you have any particular hobbies/activities you are still able to enjoy?

Diana: “No.”

Different Strokes: Which big screen film has entertained you most and who was the screen actor/actress you liked most?

Diana: “Film: Gone With The Wind and film star; Mel Gibson.”

Different Strokes: Outside of the media of music, films and TV, who do you admire and respect most?

Diana: “Winston Churchill.”


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